Welcome to Boomerang

The Community Management Platform for Web3
Boomerang gives you a one-stop-shop for your community management needs. We track and connect interactions across web3 platforms, enabling you to find your most active community members. When you have this holistic overview of your community, you can use our dashboard to intuitively manage membership benefits like roles, access and tokens. There are many teams building tools for all aspects of community management: POAP for attendance, Snapshot for governance proposals, Coordinape for recognition of contributions, Wonderverse for project management… And the tech suite for community managers will only expand as more protocols take off. Boomerang is the layer that connects all those platforms.
We want Boomerang to be by the community, for the community, and to provide a space for marketers & community leaders to collaborate on making the web3 experience better for everyone. Join us in our Discord if you'd like to be part of the journey! Official Links
Last modified 1yr ago