What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a tool that tracks interactions across web3 platforms to give community managers a holistic view of how members interact with them across their tech stack. You can then use our dashboard to intuitively manage roles, access and tokens.
Simultaneously, this enables you to set up user journeys that are automatically tracked and rewarded.
We're looking to grow the platform to become the go-to-suite for community managers to engage and reward their community. Join us in Discord :)

Why is the platform called Boomerang?

Because the value you give in web3 should return back to you. Boomerang gives community managers the tools to make that happen.

When are you launching?

We’re launching Boomerang in three different stages:
February 2022: Stage 1 - Wallet Mapping and Alpha Launch
March/April 2022: Stage 2 - Tracking, Integrations and Public Beta
Q4 2022: Stage 3 - Automated Journeys & Rewards

Is Boomerang safe?

Yes! Boomerang takes security very seriously. Boomerang verifies ownership of a wallet by having you sign a message. Your private key is never shared with Boomerang, because it only compares your signature against your public key. Be aware that your wallet and corresponding Discord handle will be visible to all admins of the Discord server you’re setting the wallet for, because that's how they'll know which wallet to whitelist or send rewards to. In case of an unforeseen hack, this will be visible to malicious parties as well. That does *not* endanger your holdings, because, as mentioned before, Boomerang never knows your private key, and you never give Boomerang permission to spend funds. But, if there's a wallet with holdings you'd rather keep entirely private and unlinked to your Discord ID, you might want to consider using another wallet for Boomerang instead.
Generally, to stay safe on Discord, please always remember:
  • Boomerang will NEVER DM you. If you get a DM, it’s most likely a scam impersonating Boomerang, or the bot has been hacked.
  • Do not click on any links or download any files sent to you in a private message.
  • The Boomerang Bot does NOT send announcement messages. The only message the Boomerang Bot sends lives in the verify / join channel of the server you’re in and looks like this:
  • The Boomerang Bot will NEVER ask you for money.
  • Never share your private keys, passwords or seed phrase with any person, moderator, bot or website.
  • Always double, triple check you’re on the right URL. Our only official URL is https://www.tryboomerang.io/. If the URL looks different, it’s most likely a scam.

When are you adding multi-wallet support?

Currently, it's possible to set different wallets for different communities you're part of. One wallet for each community (server). We're adding multi-wallet support (within the same community) at a later stage. We're working on a zero-knowledge way to link multiple wallets together in order to preserve user privacy.

I want to get involved, are you hiring?

Yes! We’re especially looking for devs, Discord wizards, and experienced community builders, but would love to chat with everyone who’s passionate about what we’re building. Shoot @Romana a message in our Discord.

Wen token?

We’re currently focused on building the best product and community possible, with no concrete plans for a token launch. We’ll launch a token when and if it’s the right time.
We want Boomerang to be by the community, for the community, and to provide a space for marketers & community leaders to collaborate on making the web3 experience better for everyone. Join us in our Discord if you'd like to be part of the journey!