Discord Invite Gateway

This feature allows you to quickly set up an Invite Gateway for your Discord. This Gateway is a page that gates your Discord invite with a CAPTCHA. It generates a unique, time limited, one-time invite for every user. As an example, see Boomerang’s Discord invite.
The key difference with other anti-spam tactics, such as reaction roles, is that they happen when bots have already joined your server. This gateway makes it so that bots can’t even join your server in the first place. No more CAPTCHA’s in DMs or hassle with reaction roles leading to new members getting lost when joining your server.
Step 1: Go to the settings of the channel you want members to land in when entering your Discord server for the first time. Copy & paste the name *exactly* as is.
Step 2: Type the /get link command and paste the channel name after channel:
Step 3: Boomerang automatically creates your custom CAPTCHA protected Discord invite gateway.
It'll look like this, but with your server logo and server name:
Step 4: Make sure to disable the permission to create server invites for @ everyone and every other role, except Boomerang and server admins.
The Gateway keeps bots out of your server because the only way to get a unique, time-limited, one-time invite is by solving the CAPTCHA. This functionality is useless if server members can create server invites, which is a common tactic used to bulk invite bots.