Wallet Mapping

Wallet Mapping is the feature that lets members in your server quickly set their Ethereum wallet. Every server that wants to use Boomerang to track and reward actions must use this feature, as it's how Boomerang links Discord IDs to their corresponding wallet. Optionally, you could use this as another layer of verification in your Discord server: Boomerang can assign a new role to every member that sets their wallet. To combat spam, you could only give channel access to members who have set a wallet.
Of course, you can also use this feature without setting a role - in which case you don't have to do anything :).
Step 1 (Optional): Go to your Discord settings and create the role you want the bot to assign to members that (have) set their wallet.
Step 2: (Optional) Use the /wallet role command and type the role that you want the bot to assign to members when they set their wallet.
In the Boomerang server, it's called being Boomed 😄
Step 3: Make sure Boomerang is placed above the role it's supposed to assign in settings. The Discord role hierarchy works so that roles can only assign roles below them.
Yep, good to go!
Step 4: Tell members to set their wallet in #boomerang-join. Change the name if you want ;)
Last modified 9mo ago